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Settle your case with help from a skilled real estate attorney

Is your landlord treating you unfairly? Are your tenants giving you trouble? Hire William L. Manuel, Attorney to finally resolve your issues. He handles landlord-tenant law cases in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, California.

Attorney Manuel is an experienced real estate broker and negotiator. He’s resolved cases for buyers, HOA members and homeowners. When he takes your case, he’ll review the facts to learn how to settle your dispute out of court. If you and the other parties involved can’t agree on a settlement, he’ll represent you in court.

Visit William L. Manuel’s law firms in Palm Springs or Los Angeles, California today to discuss your case with a practiced real estate attorney. Be sure to ask for a discount if you use one of his brokers.

6 types of cases attorney Manuel handles

6 types of cases attorney Manuel handles

Landlord-tenant relationships are easy to maintain, but they’re also easy to destroy. If your landlord or tenant is taking advantage of you, contact a real estate attorney in Palm Springs or Los Angeles, California today. Attorney William L. Manuel can help you if:

  1. Your landlord is discriminating against you
  2. You have an issue with an HOA law
  3. You’re disputing a disclosure
  4. Your landlord mishandled your eviction
  5. Your tenant refuses to leave after getting an eviction notice
  6. Your tenant refuses to pay rent

Trust attorney Manuel to settle your dispute as efficiently as possible. Call now to schedule a landlord-tenant law consultation in Los Angeles or Palm Springs, California.